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Digital Information

digital signal image psk31 General Amateur Radio Information on Digital modes can be found here.

APRS is a two-way tactical real-time digital communications system. If you wish to download the applications of interest, please obtain UIView32 , and AWGPacket Engine ; you may also visit for more info, and the web site to locate area digi(tal re)peaters.

DSTAR is a digital voice and data mode becoming popular on 2m and 440mHz. DStarInfo is a nice web site to learn about the mode. DStarUsers is another good site to begin your journey into DStar digital modes. D-RATS is a small application designed to provide data communication capabilities with D-STAR radios.

is a sound card based digital communications system. You will need Microsoft FrameWork 3.5 (with its subsequent updates); Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 ; and RMSExpress from the WINMOR group.

EchoLink is a program in amateur radio to link to other repeaters via then internet. You can read a nice introduction to the use of the service at their web site.

PSK31 users appear to be mostly using the popular FLDIGI program from W1HKJ as their digital modem program which is soundcard based. There is a Windows and a Linux version available.

Last Updated: 19 September 2010